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Tehran To Malibu: My Journey In Pursuit Of Home

by, Violet Baghdasarian

eBook: $2.99 | Paperback:  $12.99

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Tehran to Malibu: My Journey in Pursuit of Home

An inspiring autobiography of the hardships and joys of a Christian girl born in a Muslim country. Of losing a parent at a young age, having wealth and financial hardship through family betrayal, living through the turmoil of the Iranian Revolution, war, being a refugee, immigrating to America, and finding her home in Malibu.

Now an adult, the author shares her life of adventure, mystery, despair, and deliverance. From a joyous childhood to times she thought to herself, This is it!”. My life is over! I won’t survive, her life experiences shaped her outlook on life and made her stronger. Today, she thrives in the USA, having also survived cancer among her many life challenges. The light at the end of the tunnel is transparent through this courageous woman who has come so close to the end, yet now stands more resilient than ever. This is her story.

Praise for Tehran to Malibu

This is the most eventful journey I have ever been on while reading an autobiography…” – Bronte Yarkhoda

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