Cover Design • Interior Design • Website Design

Our cover and interior designers are professionals and focus on best representing your work to attract readers and hopefully help entice them to buy your book. Of course, your book’s content is the ultimate qualifier, but the cover and interior designs are usually the first steps in the retail buying process. 

We work closely with our affiliate Raeghan Designs for top-notch book cover and website designs.

Book Cover Design

Readers’ first attraction to a good book is an eye-catching and professional-quality cover. We can help you beautifully represent your book to attract readers to pick it up to read. A brilliantly designed cover and interior layout that sells your book requires joint planning with you, the author, as well as precise execution by our design team. This is what we do. And, we love doing it!

See examples of our book cover designs created by our affiliate Raeghan Designs.

Book Interior Design

A professional-quality book interior influences the reader’s perceived judgement of the overall quality of a book. Our interior book designs reflect our understanding of the importance of this part of a book’s publication. 

Website Design

Our affiliate Raeghan Designs works with us in designing and building websites—for authors, other professionals, and small businesses. They give our authors a professional discount in designing and creating an awesome author website. They have the talent and experience to create a professional-quality website within your budget and one you’ll be proud to call yours—guaranteed.

For an awesome website, inquire directly with our affiliate Raeghan Designs here >