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Publish Authority is currently accepting manuscripts. Our submission process is straightforward if your submission package is complete. A submission package* must include the following:

To submit your work, please fill out the blank fields in the submissions form and attach the following in a submission package*:

  • A one-page query letter containing your title, genre, market, word count, a brief description of your book, and any pertinent writing credentials.
  • A brief (no more than one page) synopsis that describes the work and tells us how it ends.
  • Your manuscript (or at least the first five chapters)—in MS Word or PDF format. It must be carefully edited—ready for publication. We will perform a final high-level edit and communicate with you to revise possible grammatical or punctuation errors. However, if you would like us to help you edit the work to bring it up to publication-ready quality, please let us know in your submission comments and we will gladly provide you with a price quote to do so. We will assign a personal editor to you to work with you to bring the most out of your writing.
  • Where we can find you on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)
  • A brief biography of yours is always a plus.

Once we receive your submission, we will acknowledge receipt via email. Please allow three to five weeks for a response. We are committed to publishing quality projects for indie authors and will get back to you sooner if we complete our evaluation process before this timeframe.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

* If you are unfamiliar with what a submission package should look like, this article from writers Digest should be quite helpful. > What To Know Before You Submit Your Writing.

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