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Our Submission Process

Submitting your manuscript to Publish Authority is confidential and straightforward. Here’s what you need to include when submitting your book for consideration:


Query Letter

Provide a one-page query letter that includes the title, genre, target market, word count, and your writing credentials. Feel free to include any related online links and a brief author’s bio to help us get to know you better.



Include a brief synopsis of your book that gives us a glimpse into the story and characters.



Submit your manuscript, or at least the first five chapters, in MS Word format. Your manuscript should be edited and publish-ready.

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What Happens After You Submit

Once you’ve submitted your materials, we’ll send you an email to confirm receipt. Please allow 3-5 weeks for our response, although we strive to get back to you sooner whenever possible.

Copyright Protection

Rest assured that your work is copyright protected when you submit it to us, in accordance with the U.S. Copyright Office regulations.

Tips for Submissions

For helpful tips and advice on preparing your submission, check out this article from Writers Digest: What To Know Before You Submit Your Writing.

Thank You for Choosing Publish Authority

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