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What Our Authors Are Saying

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Larry Freeland
Larry Freeland
I Highly Recommend
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Publish Authority is a very professional organization. They worked with me to publish my first novel and provided guidance throughout the process. Their team worked with me to ensure a quality novel reached the market. If you’re a new author seeking a Publisher or an established author looking to change Publishers, I would recommend contacting “Publish Authority.” I enjoyed working with them on my first publication and will work with them on future book projects.
Janet Davidson
Janet Davidson
Only Good Things
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I wrote a book last summer and wanted to publish it but this was my first  and I quickly realized that I needed help! I chose Publish Authority, a hybrid publisher, because I knew they would help and they did. My book, Meet Us in Tuscany was published in March and I cannot be more grateful to Frank, Raeghan and the staff for their patience and guidance.
Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan
Four Books and Counting
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If you've written a novel and wondering how to get it published, look no farther then Frank Eastland and his staff at Publish Authority. Publish Authority is much more than a "Pay us and we'll make you famous" hybrid publisher. Publish Authority will partner with you on every step of the publishing process.
Joe Patton
Joe Patton
Best In The Industry
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This organization is highly professional and maintains an impeccable level of integrity in the way they do business. Their responsiveness to client needs is personalized and effective.
Richard Rehme
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I love working with a professional organization. A true joy. I highly recommend!
Classy Coronas
Highly Recommend
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Who we are and what we do.

Our ​mission is simple: Excellence In Book Publishing. 

Our passion is in publishing and marketing professional-quality books for independent authors. 

We work closely with our authors—as team members—even well after publication.

Effective Book Publishing

Getting a book published is wonderfully exciting for an author! And, it seems like everyone is publishing one. But are they publishing their book successfully?! We publish professional-quality books and provide our authors with publishing and marketing resources and benefits self-publishing companies don’t give you.

Why Publish Authority

In today’s rapidly changing world of publishing, we stand apart from other book publishing companies. We are not a traditional publisher and, we’re proud to say, we aren’t a self-publisher. Unlike self-publishing companies that publish everything they receive, we are selective in accepting only manuscripts we believe to be publish-ready based on their quality and merit. Adhering to the criteria of traditional publishers, as an independent hybrid-publisher we are a welcomed alternative offering the best of both worlds.

Our Authors Receive

Professional-Quality Publishing

Our books are accepted by chain and independent bookstores and traditional review outlets that self-published authors are not eligible for.

Third-Party Advertising Discounts

We can print your books via a press run and they can also be ordered on demand online and in bookstores worldwide.

Over 39,000 Online & Real-World Bookstores Worldwide

We can print your books via a press run and they can also be ordered on demand online and in bookstores worldwide.

Creative Control

We provide our authors assistance and tools such as Book Launch Check Sheet, Marketing Plan, Metadata Worksheet, and more.

Marketing Resources & Assistance

We work with you as a team member, including editing, book cover design, pricing, etc.. We appreciate our authors’ collaboration in this process.

Highest Paying Royalty Structure in the Publishing Industry

You retain 100% net on books you sell directly, 60% of the net profits on your print books, and 70% of the net profits on your eBooks.

A Book Publishing Company That Works Directly With And For Our Authors

We work with our authors on a collaborative basis and are proud to say our authors include a good mix of first-time and seasoned authors. And, many authors come to us from other publishing companies to either pick up where the previous publisher left off or to republish previously published work. We think that says a lot!

Offices In Newport Beach And Atlanta—Authors Are Worldwide.

Our offices are in Newport Beach, CA and Roswell, GA ( metro Atlanta ). However, our authors are all across the United States and in other countries. So, we are only a call or a couple of keyboard clicks away, no matter where you are. Contact us today about publishing your next book.


We Are Your Book Publisher

Our passion is in publishing professional-quality books for independent authors.

If this is your first book, great! Or if you are a seasoned author with several books under your belt, better yet! We welcome your submission. If accepted, we will work with you to publish a professional-quality book you will be proud to call yours.

But, we do more than publish books. We also provide our authors with publishing-related tools, benefits, discounts, and greater royalties. We work closely with you before and after publication toward our common goal of selling more of your books.

Publish Authority -Excellence In Book Publishing

We do more than just publish books.

Our passion is to publish professional-quality books with and for indie authors—books that bookstores will stock.

All books we publish for our authors are Search Engine Optimized (SEO)—for the Internet as well as individual booksellers’ search engines. With 130,000,000 books in the world, SEO helps ensure your book(s) can better be found by readers, buyers, and librarians. We provide you with related educational and publication tools such as a customized Book Launch Plan and Marketing Plan and work closely with you to obtain book signings and other events to help sell your book after its publication.

We publish all of our professional-quality books in eBook and print formats (audio is optional) and destitute them to over 39,000 online and real-world bookstores worldwide.

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Your manuscript should be edited by someone other than you before submitting it to any publisher. That includes us. However, if you want us to help you develop, edit, or ghostwrite your work from the start, or anywhere in its development, we can potentially do that on a case-by-case basis.

If your manuscript has been professionally edited and you believe it is ready to publish, great! Simply submit your manuscript to us. However, if we accept it for publication, our editors will still go over it with you to hopefully polish it to its best potential. We do this because many of our authors come to us from other publishers to either pick up when they left off or for us to rework and republish previously published works. in so doing, we’ve found our editors have been able to significantly improve the quality of some of our authors’ books and in so doing help improve their sales.

We work closely with you to make your book professional-quality and ready for a worldwide market.

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Our passion is to publish professional-quality books with and for indie authors (our publications are a joint effort). Whether yours is a simple or complex book, we will publish it in a professional-quality eBook, print, and audiobook (optional) format for you. And, in the process, we work with you to promote and market our joint book well after it is published.

Our common objective is to. sell more of our authors’ books.

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Our designers are professionals and focus on best representing your work to attract readers and hopefully help entice them to buy your book. Of course, your book’s content is the ultimate qualifier, but the cover and interior designs are usually the first steps in the retail buying process.

Cover Design

A book has about three seconds for the typical reader to notice it, evaluate it, and determine whether they want to pick it up to explore it further. Our expert cover design artists understand this and will work closely with you from concept to finish to create a beautiful professional-quality cover that will meet and exceed this challenge. If we create your book cover, you will love it. Guaranteed. 

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Interior Design

A reader can tell in an instant if a book is NOT  of professional quality. The best compliment a book’s interior can have is for the reader not to be distracted by its design or flaws. Our interior designers are pros at designing beautiful professional-quality book interiors. If we publish your book, you will love its interior. Guaranteed. 

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We design and create awesome websites!

Whether you are an author or a small business, we can design and create an awesome website tailored to your needs.

We consult and work closely with you to determine the design and functionality you would like in a website. 

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Paperback Books

We publish professional-quality books you will be proud to call yours. We print books via local presses and/or On Demand worldwide.

Our Catalog

Visit our Catalog to see some of our latest releases. We publish an eclectic mix of books for authors from around the U.S. and the world.


We can create a standalone eBook for you. But, when we publish a hardcopy book, we create an eBook (with ISBNs) for you at no extra charge.

It's all about the author.


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