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Mr. Moonlight Of The South Seas: The Extraordinary Life Of Robert Dean Frisbie

by, Brandon Oswald

eBook: $4.95 | Paperback:  $16.95

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Brandon Oswald’s Mr. Moonlight of the South Seasis a biography-style book that examines the life of American author Robert Dean Frisbie who, at the age of twenty-four, left the United States for the unknown adventurous ports of the Pacific Islands in the early 1920’s. He eventually immortalized the island and some of the characters he knew in many sketches, articles and essays. This historical book is well-documented and is used as reference in topics on the Cook Islands.
The author writes from personal research and experience from living in the Cook Islands in 2002. He currently serves as Executive Director and Archivist, Island Culture Archival Support (ICAS), a non-profit dedicated to providing voluntary archival assistance to cultural heritage organizations in the Pacific Islands.
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