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“This book was recommended by a friend who knows that I have an interest in poetry. What my friend doesn’t know, however, is that I much prefer my poetry to have stood the test of time. Contemporary poetry usually leaves me looking for an exit. But, this little volume was quite a surprise. It was a mixture of Walt Whitman, Rumi, and Emily Dickenson set in modern times using modern language.

The author of these poems is on intimate terms with nature and makes mature use of metaphors to elevate the ordinary to the mystical. The artwork was also a delight and each one fit the poem.

I am about to spend 10 days in solitude and have decided to take this slender volume with me. I do not think I could give it higher praise.”

—Gordon Jackson


Lunitidal Cultivation, Weeping Trees, And Fowl Language

by, Tommy Quintana

eBook: $1.99 | 

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A refreshing collection of eclectic epigrams. Glimpse into one man’s reflections on culture and lessons in life, love, nature and faith from the Land of Enchantment and beyond. This fresh thought provoking assortment of writings inspires reflection on itself.

“Lunitidal Cultivation, Weeping Trees, and Fowl Language” is beautifully organized and illustrated in this electronic format, making it even more vitalizing to the insightful reader.

by Tommy Quintana (Author), Raeghan Rebstock (Illustrator), Frank Eastland (Production Editor)

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